December 30, 2015

For a while now I haven't really been on my blogging game. I've been slacking with my posts and videos and have been struggling to find inspiration. Maybe it's work, college or anything else that is keeping me busy, but that has never been a problem to me before.
I remember when I was in the middle of my secondary school exams I was stressed out to the max, but still had all of my blog posts planned out and ready to go. Being busy is not a great excuse to me. So what is the problem? Maybe I need to figure out a new approach? Start a new chapter? I couldn't seem to figure it out. 
A few days ago it finally hit me. I write a blog about my take on fashion and lifestyle, but is it truly me? Have I been too careful? Writing and photography are my outlets, so maybe I should start utilising these outlets more by writing more personal posts. I'm not talking Serena van der Woodsen, all cards on the table style, but more like discussing current topics that I'm thinking about, sharing my thoughts, concerns, dreams, wishes.. all in the name of fashion and lifestyle. I want to write more about trends, travel and where I want to go, places I want to visit and my take on student life in general.
Don't get me wrong, I will still continue to do outfits posts, vlogs, videos and at all of that other stuff that I love to do, but I just want to have even more fun with it. 
I'm not sure how I am going to do this yet, but from now on I'm going to keep my eyes open everywhere I go, notebook at the ready and I guess we'll just see where this thing goes!

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