November 17, 2015

Winter wishlist

The cold winter months are quickly approaching (too quick for my liking!), which means that it's time to put together my winter wishlist. As you may or may not now, I am following the French wardrobe system (post here), which basically means that I'm allowed to buy five new non -basic pieces for the upcoming season. According to the system, winter officially starts in December, so I decided to buy all the items before that time, so that I will have my wardrobe completed before the winter hits. One of the things that I noticed last season is that I was rushing to find all the items on my list last minute, when I could have collected them before the season began and started wearing them straight away. So, this time around I will be more prepared!

As for the items on my wishlist, I decided to keep it pretty simple, but by no means basic! 
The grey dress may fall under the basics category in some people's perspective, but I see it as a trend piece. It is something that I have never considered wearing before because of the little turtle neck, so it is not a basic in my book. That being said, I've been really into these type of turtle necks lately, so I'm excited to style this piece.
The gilet is not your average gilet, since it is long and definitely a statement piece. I can't wait to wear it with anything from a thick knitted jumper to a turtle neck or even a fancy dress. It's one of those pieces that you just throw on and it will instantly take a look from average to interesting. Love it!
Besides that, I also decided to add a fluffy, monochrome scarf to the mix, to wear with my grey trench (which I added last season) and basically every other coat in my wardrobe. 
Then I also decided on a skirt, which is a very, very rare occurrence. I've been seeing these button down skirts everywhere and I started to warm up to the idea of buying one, so I decided to give it a whirl. 
Finally, I added another piece which is a tad out of my comfort zone: a leopard jacket. If you're a follower of my blog you will know that I already purchased this item (way to be prepared!), which means you would also know that the leopard thing is kind of growing on me. I've never been a big fan, but such a subtle print is certainly a good way to start.

That's it! A rather monochrome, short, but sweet list if I may say so myself. 

What's on your winter wishlist?


  1. Love everything on that wishlist, that jacket looks so fluffy and cosy! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS