October 16, 2015

You either love it or hate it, but there are a lot of online shoppers out there. I go on and off between online and 'real life' shopping and can't really decide which type of shopper I am. But, nevertheless I did pick up some tips and tricks along the way, so if you want to master the art of online shopping, then just keep on reading!

1. Make a wishlist and set a budget
This one is VERY important if you don't want to drastically overspend. I usually make a wishlist depending on my budget and decide how much I want to spend on each piece. It may seem like a lot of work, but it is good to set limits for yourself. Sure, you will probably get more inspiration when you actually go online, but then you can decide to remove an item from your wishlist and add another one instead.

2. Add items to your basket and wait
This is what I do when I have the urge to shop, but either don't need anything or am too broke to buy new items (student struggles). You may find some really cool items on a webshop which is great! But, try not to be too impulsive by buying the whole lot straight away (your bank balance would appreciate it). Have a good think about it and return to your shopping cart the next day (or week for that matter) to see which items you really want to buy. This is especially important when the sale is on (!). 

3. Don't hesitate to return
For some reason I used to be very lazy and just keep something if I wasn't 100% happy with it.. a big rookie mistake! Lots of webshops offer free returns these days or you can even return your items in store, which makes life a whole lot easier. Before I order something I always check the return policy, just to make sure that a) I won't have to pay a fortune for returns and b) I won't be left with an item(s) which I don't want.

4. Always google for discount codes!
Last, but certainly not least is my specialty: discount codes! When I go to order something online I ALWAYS do a quick search to see if there are any discount codes available. It's probably a very Dutch thing to do (we all love to save some money!), but why spend more money if you can save say, 10 or even 20%? I remember when I got my Debs dress on Asos I saved 40-50 euro by using a discount code and getting free delivery. Score!

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