September 26, 2015

TFW what? You may think. Well, it stands for The French Wardrobe System. I wrote a rather lengthy post about this on my blog, so give it a read if you want to know what exactly it is (here).

In short: as he name suggest, it is based on the French style, which other than very stylish, is based on simplicity. So, you basically have a closet full of basics and add 5 new non basic pieces every season. My list of basics is as follows:

In that particular post I also wrote that I was going to make a video featuring the basics that I chose, so that's what I did. There are a few items missing, namely: white denim, a clutch and a white tee with text, simply because I haven't found them yet. But, I'm not going to rush anything, so I thought I would upload this already and take my time to complete my wardrobe. I hope you enjoy the video!

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