September 24, 2015

This one's for all of the shopaholics out there.

We all have those days where you just want to go shopping and buy everything for one simple reason: the sale is on. Everything is marked down, every piece all of a sudden is a great bargain and you just want it all. It's not even a matter of needing something anymore, no, it's a matter of wanting everything. A tee for 3 euro? Bargain! I'll take it. A skirt which I will never wear for a fiver? Yes please! You just empty your wallet, fill up your closet with things you will never wear and toss them the year after, because the tags are still on half of the items you bought and you came to the conclusion that there is no use for them anymore. This was one of the main problems I had when I didn't stick to the French Wardrobe System (post here). I know that this formula may not float everyone's boat, so here are some tips for the shopaholics out there who need to be tamed, asap.

1. Make a list of the things you need
It only takes about 5 minutes to go through your wardrobe, wishlist, pantry.. but it completely changes your mindset when you hit the shops. You will actually have something to hold on to while you're browsing away or trying something on. I usually let myself pick out whatever I want, try it on and then grab my list (just type it on your phone!) to see what I was actually looking for. Then all you need to do is make your selection and walk out with a smile on your face. The reason why I let myself grab everything I like is because there might be a special piece in that big pile which you didn't put on your list, but just happened to stumble upon in the shops. Now don't cheat by coming home with 10 of those 'special pieces', but you get the gist of it.
One more thing about the list: keep it realistic! You really don't need 5 new pairs of jeans or 10 dresses, keep it simple so that you have something left to look for the next time! 

2. Think twice (or even five times!) before you buy
Clothes don't have legs, so they don't run away. If you can't decide if you want to buy something or not, just leave it and come back for it later if it's still stuck in your head. This is a trick that I use a lot and it has saved me a lot of mishaps. Just snap a photo, wait for a few days and if you really want it, go get it! If it's sold out in the shop, you can always search online, but if you really wanted the item in the first place, you would have probably bought it already.

3. Return something if you made a wrong decision 
There is this magical thing called a receipt and it usually gives you a timeline in which you can return something. If you come home from a day of shopping and realise that you made a wrong decision (the item doesn't fit, you already own something similar or you just don't like it as much as you thought you did), then just go back to the shop and return it! I know that a lot of shops don't let you return sale items, but if you can, please do. It will save you a lot of money and space in your closet.

Those are the three main tips that I stick to when I hit the shops. They may seem like simple things, but they're more difficult to stick to then you might think. Once you have mastered these 3 'rules', your wallet will be much happier and your closet will actually be able to close. Happy shopping!

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  1. Such great advice, I'm definitely big on overspending!