September 16, 2015

I don't know if it's just me, but I love getting a new lipstick. It's untouched, clean and the colour is just screaming to be applied to your lips. The other thing that I love (as a poor student) is when you don't break the bank while you buy one. Kiko does a great job at this, by selling good quality, affordable make-up, so today I will review my newest edition from the Kiko family.

The packaging of Kiko products always reminds me of MAC, it is simple, black and white and looks quite expensive. The French also adds to that luxurious vibe, because I associate it with the big labels, such as Chanel and Dior. Besides that, the lipsticks in this range (smart lipstick) are a bit more bulky than others, which I don't particularly like. It also feels quite plasticy, but I guess you can't have everything for that price. 

Moving on from the packaging, the colour of the lipstick itself actually pleasantly surprised me. I expected a very bold colour, but it's actually very wearable. It is quite buildable which is good to take it from day to night, but I prefer to just apply one or two layers for a more toned down look. I already popped it in my bag for every day wear, so I can see this becoming one of my favourites!

What is your favourite Kiko lipstick?

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  1. Lovely colour, such a great everyday shade!