September 08, 2015

Okay not really, but I ordered some business cards! It was my first time designing and ordering a set, so I was very excited when they were delivered (exhibit A). I decided to order them through Vistaprint, simply because they had a really good deal going on. They had some basic templates available, but I didn't really like them, so I made design using Photoshop. It's a simple design, but not a 'standard template'. One of the tips that my auntie once gave me is to use both sides of the card, so I did by putting my logo with my URL on one side and the rest of the information on the other. That way you can see that is my card, no matter which side is facing the front. Besides that I also feel like I provided all the basic information that you need, so I'm very happy with them! For a first time, I think they turned out rather nice. 

Now lastly I thought I would quickly explain why I got business cards (we all know that this is my hobby and I don't provide sponsored content). The one and only reason is because I have been going to a few blogger events recently which besides being fun, are also a good place to meet fellow bloggers and network. I'm always interested in meeting people who are in the same little blogger boat as I am, so I thought it was about time to order some business cards which I can hand out to people who are curious about my blog. It's also good for those nosy people who don't really understand what you're doing, or you know, to send to your mom. But, either way I think that it is a good investment and I'm glad that I got me some business cards. 

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  1. These look great! I'd love to have some printed <3