September 14, 2015


We all have them: lazy days. Sometimes it is just necessary to have a day where instead of being productive you just shamelessly watch Netflix and eat junk food all day (I know you do it too!). Usually I look like crap and wear clothes which need to be washed drastically, but I kind of felt like a pig every time I did that, so I decided to change my lazy day outfits. I went onto the Forever 21 website and got myself a nice, comfy pair of sweats which I could actually leave the door in if I have to (bonus!). Instead of throwing on a baggy tee over top I went with a crop top to give my body a bit of shape. Lastly, I also put a cute case around my phone, because if I'm going to be on my phone all day, I might as well do it in style. 

What is your lazy day outfit?

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