September 10, 2015

I think we know the drill by now, but today I will share what I got up to on Tuesday! It was a busy, but fun day for me, so just keep on reading if you want to see what I got up to.

8:24 My alarm went off at 8, so I quickly got ready and headed downstairs. Please excuse the vague photo, the perks of not having time to clean your room.. oops!
8:46 Time to hve some breakfast! After cuddling and feeding my dog I made myself a simple breakfast: yoghurt with cereal and honey, a banana on the side and of course some coffee.
8:59 Waiting on the bus! My dog doesn't stay with me during the week because I'm busy with work and college, so I had to drop her off at her second home. 
10:40 On my way to Amsterdam! Some friends from Belgium and Ireland were in Amsterdam that day, so I went over to meet them for coffee. 
11:05 After a short journey I was waiting on my friends at Dam square. Of course, they got off at the wrong stop (typical!) so I had to walk back to the central station to meet them.

11:22 Found them! We had some coffee and red velvet cake at De Drie Graefjes, which is a must when you visit Amsterdam. After coffee we went to a supermarket where I bought them some typically Dutch treats and then it was time for me to head back to the station again.
13.30 I had 2 classes in the afternoon, so I headed to my college after meeting up with my friends.
18:01 After college I went to Ikea to return a set of bed sheets. Silly enough, I bought the wrong size the last time I was there, so I went back to get the right set. 
18:26 I was getting a bit hungry at this point, so I had a sneaky hotdog before heading home.
19:19 Sunset on the train ride home!
19:56 We ran out of toilet paper at home, so I had to be one of those annoying people who runs into the supermarket 4 minutes before they close.. sorry!
20:09 When I got home there was a parcel from my mom waiting for me at home! She sent me over some bits from the US, so that was really nice of her. 

After that I had dinner with my roomies, chilled out for a bit and went to bed early, because I had to be at work at 6.15 (!) in the morning. Gotta love those early wake up calls.. 

That was my day!


  1. Great photos! Your dog is cute <3