August 21, 2015

The French Wardrobe system (TFWS), is a topic that has been actively discussed in fashion blogger land for quite some time now. I stumbled upon it a few times, before I decided that it might just be the solution to my shopping addiction (oops!) and the 'I have nothing to wear' moments. As he name suggest, it is based on the French style, which other than very stylish, is based on simplicity. I've done some research and came to the conclusion that it would be best to create my own list of basics based on the other lists out there, so that I can adapt the formula to my own personal style. To exemplify, some lists contained espadrilles, but they're not really my thing, so instead I added an extra pair of ankle boots. 

Now you may think that this is quite an extensive list, but I actually already own most of these items. There are a few pieces which I still need to buy or replace, such as:
  • Basic black tee
  • White shirt
  • White denim
  • Clutch
I guess I'll HAVE TO go shopping to complete my list.. such a pain. But, jokes aside, it is key to have all the basics on your list, because otherwise the system won't work.

Other than having a closet filled with basics, you are actually allowed to add five new non basic pieces to your wardrobe every season. It is important to really think about which pieces you want to add, because after all, you're only allowed to add five! These pieces are going to be key pieces for that specific season, so variation and diversity are key. To specify, this is what I consider to be the different seasons:

Fall September, October, November
Winter December, January, February
Spring March, April, May
Summer June, July, August

Finally, there is one more thing to TFWS: cleaning out your closet! This is probably something you should do at the beginning, but I feel like it speaks for itself. In order to get a clear overview of what you have and need to add, you've gotta get your act together! I already cleaned out my closet, donated a full bin bag of clothes (oops!) and organised the clothes I had left.

Once I've completed my list of basics, I might do a video featuring which items I chose. In addition, I will post a wishlist of the five items that I want to buy every season and haul them once I find them. 

That's about it! I'm really excited to finally get a grip on my wardrobe and not be so tempted to buy everything that I like. I was already on the right track, but this is just the final push in the right direction. 

Do you use TFWS?

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