July 14, 2015

Just a few snaps from my weekend in Ireland! My boyfriend and I went over to visit my parents, because they are moving to the US next month. We stayed in Dublin for one night when we arrived, where I showed him around the city, we went shopping, had lunch at Nando's with my best friend and my boyfriend also put together his own Magnum ice cream at Arnotts. After Dublin we went to my parents house and spent some time with my mom, dog and auntie who was visiting as well. We got to see some of my friends, I showed my boyfriend around where I used to live and we also had fish & chips at a pub in Carlingford with my mom. On Sunday it was time to go home, so we went back to the airport and flew back to Holland. That was our weekend in Ireland!

What did you get up to?


  1. Beautiful photos. That Magnum looks so yummy!

    Check out my latest post <3