July 02, 2015

1. Open Air// 2. With Dev at Open Air// 3. Festival!// 4. With Dieu and Dev// 5. <3 // 6. See you next year!// 7. After workout juice// 8. Smile!// 9. Cake and drinks at Anne & Max (post here)// 10. Shooting// 11. OOTD (post here)// 12. Lunch at Better Bagels (post here)// 13. OOTD (post here)// 14. Sale shopping!// 15. Beautiful Amsterdam// 16. OOTD (post here)

It was a busy month on Instagram! Ever since I got off college I've only been up to fun things (and no good). I haven't been on holidays yet, but I will be going very soon! So, stay tuned for all my sunny holiday pics during the upcoming month.

Username: mystylediaryeu


  1. Beautiful photos.

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