July 28, 2015

Our view
Where we stayed (we rented an apartment)
Zlatni Rat

There you go, the first installment of the photos I took here in Croatia (that's a lie, I took about a trillion more). I know that it might be a bit of a photo overload, but I tried my best to slim it down to a small(er) selection. The first half of the photos were taken in Bol, which is where we are staying (we still have 3 more days to go!). It is a beautiful small town on the Island of Brac, known for Zlatni Rat, a unique pebble beach which is famous for its shape. Unfortunately I don't have any good photos of the beach itself, as it is too darn difficult to photograph nicely (except from a helicopter.. where you at, Bond?), but that is just to my annoyance. Other than the beach, Bol is also just a lovely town with beautiful little houses, good food, great views and a lively atmosphere. 

The other half of the photos were taken in Split. We decided to take the ferry over one day, since we were curious to explore the town. Unfortunately it wasn't too exciting for us, except for the historic centre and beautiful yachts in the harbour. All there really was to do in just one day (without leaving the town centre) was to look around (which we did!) and go shopping, which we weren't too interested in for a change. But, not every trip can be a success, so we didn't mind too much. 

That's it! I will post the second installment of photos next week, which will feature some snaps from our boat trip and the day we spent in Hvar.

P.s. If you want to see some more of Bol, you can check out the video I made about it here.

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