July 08, 2015

About two years before I started my blog, I was reading blogs every day. Mostly beauty back then, but also fashion and lifestyle. Since I've had lots of favourites over the years, but I noticed that I only kept reading a handful of them religiously. So, today I thought I would share my top 5 blogs with you!

The first blog which I love is Cocochic. It is written by Stephanie, who is a UK based journalism student. Her writing is very witty, the photos are beautiful and overall I just like her sense of style. It is very minimal, she wears lots of black and white, but also ventures into the world of styling difficult pieces, which I like. Lately she has taken a new turn as well and has been sharing lots of her blogging wisdom. She gives good tips, so it's worth having a read!

Next up is a blogger most people probably know: Kenza Zouiten. She is a beautiful Swedish girl who runs a very successful blog. Her posts usually contain lots of gorgeous photos and little text, just the way I like it! She travels a lot, wears the best outfits and has the most beautiful tan all year around (is that a Swedish thing?). 

Lovely Pepa is a very successful Spanish lady who runs a blog named after her pug, Pepa. She's very busy, has a great sense of style and travels the world. What I love the most about her blog is that she has a whole section dedicated to her travels. You can click on a country and all the posts relating to it will come up.. awesome!

Next up is a Dutch online magazine: NSMBL. Maybe it's because I have met the face behind the website, but it is one of my favourites. Lots of new posts are added every day in all different categories, so there is always something that will tickle everyone's fancy.

Last but certainly not least: Sincerely Jules. Her blog is centered around personal style and travel, so it's similar to some of the other blogs I previously mentioned. What I love the most about her blog though is that she travels to the most incredible places. I feel like she's always on the go and really makes the most out of ever day. Can't say that I'm not a tad jealous of her life!

What are your favourite blogs to read?

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