June 19, 2015

Now that I'm on my summer break, I like to take the time to go out and explore my area. Since I moved to Leiden a few months ago, I haven't really had the time yet to look around and discover new places. But, now I do! So, my friend Britt and I decided to meet up yesterday for drinks and cake at a place we hadn't been before.

The place we decided to go to was Anne & Max. It's a cafe situated in the city centre (Gangetje 2, to be exact), just off the Breestraat and about 6 minutes by bus from the central station. I had walked (or cycled) past several times and it always looked very busy. Seemed like an indication that it's a popular place, so I was intrigued! When I walked in, it honestly felt a bit like a living room. It had a very relaxed vibe and there were a great mix of people there. There was your busy businessman, who was trying to get some work done over a nice cup of coffee, some friends catching up, mom and daughter, college students taking a study break and the person who just wants to enjoy a good cup of coffee on his day off. Of course, there was also my friend and I, but we fell under the 'friends catching up' category. 

After we sat down (at the window, which I love!), we had a flick through the menu. They have a great selection of coffee, breakfast, lunch, high tea and after work drinks. Of course, we already knew that we wanted to have some cake (what else is new), so we quickly found the 'sweets' section. We both decided to have the Anne & Max carrot cake, simply because we both love carrot cake and it sounded like a classic. We also ordered a glass of water with lemon and mint, which sounded very refreshing. 

Overall, the cake was delicious and I liked that they had different options than just coffee and tea (I get really hyper if I drink caffeine in the afternoon!). The price point is not too cheap, but you can make it as expensive as you'd like. I think that we paid around 5 euros each, which I think is reasonable. 

So, if you are looking for a good place to have breakfast, lunch, coffee, drinks or even an inspiring place to work in the Leiden area, then I would recommend Anne & Max. They also have two cafe's in Amsterdam (de Pijp & South), one in Alkmaar, Haarlem and Utrecht. Plenty of places to choose from! 

Have you ever been to Anne & Max?

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  1. Anne & Max seems to be a good place. I like the bookshelf and cozy atmosphere there. The cake looks so delicious.