May 14, 2015

Even though I previously claimed the playsuit to be the best invention ever, I might have to fall back from that opinion. I might be a bit late on the bandwagon, but after discovering the beauty of the two piece, I'm completely sold. It's even better than a playsuit, because it takes away the bathroom issues (yes, I'm referring to the annoying part of sitting on the toilet half naked..) and it doesn't just give you one, but multiple outfits! Sounds pretty darn perfect to me.

To be honest, the two piece probably is my biggest must have for this summer. There are so many different types available in the shops, that there will most likely be one out there suitable for your body type and budget. You can buy an expensive one, but you can also find an affordable one at places like Primark (I've spotted some!) or something like the one I have from H&M. Another thing I like about the two piece is that you are not limited to wearing shorts, you can also find two pieces with a skirt (which I may or not may own as well, oops) or even a skort. So many different options! This is one of the reasons why I love fashion, there is always something that will tickle everyone's fancy.  

Are you a fan of the two piece as well?

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