May 21, 2015

In my last outfit post I already raved about these jeans and how happy I am with them, but I still thought that they deserved a post of their own. 

Buying a good fitting pair of jeans is a problem that every woman has struggled with at least once (if not all the time). I am definitely one of those people who always struggles with finding a pair that ticks all the boxes. Maybe it is because I am too picky, but I feel like jeans are an essential basic which I build most of my outfits around. Hence, they should fit right! What I usually look for in a pair of jeans is a high/mid waist, very skinny, mid to dark wash, not too long, stretchy and most of all: comfy (too demanding?). As you can imagine, it is difficult to tick off all of these boxes at once. When one of my friends was wearing a pair of Monki jeans, I was immediately intrigued. She was telling me how comfy they are, how well they fit and that they were very affordable. So, off to Monki I went! 

When I entered the shop they had a good selection of denim, but only one wash really tickled my fancy. I grabbed a few sizes (this usually is the most annoying part) and tried them on in the fitting room. To my own surprise: one pair actually fit perfectly! No annoying gap at my back, no bunch of excess fabric at my ankles.. it almost seemed too good to be true. Today, I have yet to find out if there actually is a catch, but I don't think there will be. Now let's just hope that they will last!

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