May 03, 2015

1. Beautiful Amsterdam// 2. Quote// 3. To buy or not to buy?// 4. OOTD (post here)// 5. Blue sky!// 6. OOTD// 7. Dam square// 8. With my girl Dina// 9. Pretty flowers

April was a great month for me! I did lots of fun things, met one of my idols, went to some great parties and most importantly - passed all of my exams and assignments! I couldn't be happier. The weather has also been great for a while, we had lots of sunshine and I even sat out in my bathing suit (!) at one stage, which always puts me in a good mood. Unfortunately it is raining as I am typing up this post, so hopefully the sun will return soon, because I can't wait for the summer to start!

10. Got me some new polaroids!// 11. With Anna Nooshin// 12. Sunset// 13. OOTD (post here)// 14. Shopping with my roomie// 15. Friendship bracelets// 16. New read// 17. OOTD (post here)// 18. Kingsday festival

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