April 15, 2015

Photos by Ahlam Berzouze

Jumpsuit - Zara
Jacket - Mango
Shoes - H&M
Sunnies - Ray Ban

The other day the time was finally there: I decided to wear my jumpsuit, aka PJ suit (after lots of reconsideration and advice, yes I'm that person sometimes). So there I went, suited up and feeling good. I actually got quite a few compliments on it as well, which is always nice. Until, in the evening someone made a lovely (read: rude) comment about how I already had my PJ's on, ready to go to bed.. thanks! If looks could kill.. But, a comment like that is not going to bring me down! I guess that what I'm trying to say is that you should wear anything you want and not care about other people's opinions, if it makes you happy in the end. Because to be honest, it felt good to step out of my comfort zone for a change.

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