April 13, 2015

Since I had a week off from college, I got up to more than just going to lectures, sitting on the train and going to work (fun times, I know). Last Thursday I had a fun day planned, so I decided to take some photos and write up a 'day in the life' post. If you want to know what I got up to, just keep on reading!

10:23 Breakfast time! I stayed over at my auntie's house, because I was babysitting the night before and she kindly let me borrow her car. I decided to have a good ol' cheese sandwich with brown bread and of course, coffee.

 10:54 Before I went back home, I decided to go grocery shopping with my auntie. I hadn't seen her in a while, so it was nice to catch up while being productive.

 11:59 Waiting on the bus! I took the train to the central station and had to take the bus home because I was too lazy to cycle the day before.. But, good thing I did, because that bag was too damn heavy.

12:33 When I got home I chilled out for a bit and decided to write up some blog posts and export a video. 
 13:27 Ready to go! After I quickly got changed I grabbed my stuff and headed out the door.
13:33 But, not before I had a quick snack! Greek yoghurt with cruesli and some honey.

15:07 After not the smoothest of train journey's (story of my life), I arrived in Amsterdam! I met up with my friend Dina and we strolled around the cit together.

 16:03 We sat down at B&B for a late lunch and after we ordered I gave Dina a late birthday present to make up for the fact that I couldn't be there. It was a hand lotion from & other stories, can't really go wrong with that!

16:16 Lunch arrived! I had a roasted chicken sandwhich and Dina had one with meat.

17:10 Time for some ice cream! The weather was so nice that we just couldn't pass on some delicious Italian ice cream from Ijscuypje at Heiligeweg. 

19:12 When I arrived home it was time to cook up some dinner! 

19:35 My boyfriend came over, so we had dinner together and watched a movie.

20:52 Dessert! One of my favourites: greek yoghurt with honey and walnuts. 

After dessert we just chilled out and had a lovely evening!

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