April 03, 2015

Favourite moment

Happy Friday everyone! This week started off a bit stressful, but on Tuesday I was a very happy camper! I finished my exam, most likely passed it (yay!) and went out for lunch with my friends (we also did some sneaky shopping, oops!). I also did some major sleeping in and made a planning for my blog which I am currently working on. It's so nice to have some free space in my mind for new projects! Next week I also have some fun things planned, starting with watching fast & furious 7 tomorrow (!), visiting my auntie and uncle with my boyfriend for Easter this weekend and helping him move to his new place. If you want to see what else I get up to, you can check out my Instagram. Have a great weekend!

 Favourite quote

 Favourite accessory (so pretty!)
 Favourite time (brainstorming!)
Favourite interior


  1. Very inspiring - love the favourite moments feel! Happy Friday!