March 04, 2015

A brand that has been popping up a lot recently is Kiko. So when I went to Barcelona I decided to get a few lip products to try out. Here's the roundup!

A lip liner is always something I don't say no too, especially if it's a red. When I saw this beauty in the shop (which btw looks like a MAC pro store) I couldn't just leave it there. It's a good quality lip pencil and combined with a primer, it's the perfect combo. I never really apply a lipstick on top of a liner and that works just fine with this lip pencil as well.

You can never have too many red lipstick in my opinion, so it should come as no surprise that I bought yet another one. The colour pay off is really good and it lasts as well. I think this would be the perfect Spring colour and because it is so cheap compared to other high end brands, it might just replace one of my beloved MAC lipsticks.

Finally, I present to you my new favourite lipstick. It's not exactly a red, it's more like pinky red, or as I like to think one of those universal colours which looks good on everyone. This was actually a gift from one of my friends and I have to say, she did a really good job! The lipstick is moisturising, the colour is buildable and most importantly, it doesn't require a lot of touch ups. I'm sold!

Lastly, one thing I will say is that I find the names of Kiko make-up products quite boring. A catchy name would be much more effective than a number, but that's just my opinion (update: they do have names on the website, but not in the shop.. weird!). Overall I am very happy with my Kiko products and I would definitely turn to them first before I splurge on a high end product. 

Have you tried any Kiko products yet?

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