March 26, 2015

It's that time of the semester again.. deadlines and exams are coming up. The two weeks leading up to the exam week are always the most stressful ones of the semester. This time I had to film, edit, write reports, finish projects, study.. too many things and so little time. When I don't have that much time I usually tend to slack on eating healthily, especially on the snacky side of things. But, this time I decided to change that and stocked up on lots of healthy food. Here are some of my favourite snacks I like to eat when I'm studying!

Sliced cucumber: a simple, yet good one. When I'm not particularly hungry but want something to munch on, this is my go-to snack. I love cucumber and always have, so this is a very satisfying snack for me.

Next is a bit of a Dutch one: ginger bread topped with some butter. This may seem disgustingly weird to some people, but it actually is pretty delicious. The best part though? It is very filling. When I'm hungry and don't have time for lunch, this will most likely be what I will grab (especially the pre-sliced kind is genius!).

Two weeks ago I already wrote about my love for Greek yoghurt in this post. But that is just one way I like to have it. Sometimes when I'm low on cash and have ran out of walnuts I just have Greek yoghurt with some honey. Honey is a staple which we already have in stock (as well as Greek yoghurt!), so it's a very quick and easy snack to make.

Next up is a snack which I like to have when I have a bit of a sweet tooth. I just take a cracker of my choice (I usually have Cracotte) and top it off with some jam. It's a classic snack which always satisfies my cravings. Another great thing: both products can be stored for a long time so you can stock up when they are on sale!

Finally, one of my favourite snacks: crackers, creme cheese with herbs, topped off with a slice cucumber. Its a fresh and tasty snack for when I feel like taking a longer break. It takes a bit more time to prep, but it is so worth it!

What are your favourite study snacks?

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