January 04, 2015

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The last fashion roundup of 2014 is a fact! It's crazy how this year flew by. It was a year full of ups and downs (no kidding), but I did have a really good year. I got my Leaving certificate, moved back to Holland and started college! Just to name a few. I hope that 2015 will have lots of good things to offer too such as moving to a city and getting my P (you Dutchies will understand - it's a certificate you can get after your first year of college). Anyway, I have enough hopes and dreams, but no new year's resolutions. Because lets face it, no one ever sticks to them. One thing I do want to do is update my blog as much as I can with more travel related and fashion posts. I'm a bit over the whole beauty blogging thing, but I'm sure a beauty related post will pop up once in a while. So watch this space for new content in 2015, because I'm not leaving any time soon!

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