January 29, 2015

Since I haven't done a day in the life post for a while now, I thought it was about time to post one. So I decided to take some snaps during the first day of my trip to Ireland with Ahlam and share what we got up to!

10:32 (photo above) Airport bound! After a hectic start of the day (I still had to pack and hadn't even checked in, the usual), I was finally on my way to the airport with Ahlam.
 13:01 Waiting at the airport
13:04 Reading material 
 14:14 Hello Ireland!

 15:33 A quick stop at one of my favourite shops
 16:16 Checked into our hotel!
 17:46 Ready for dinner (and some sneaky shopping)!
 18:24 Nando's!
22:42 Ready for a night out with my girls

That's it! We had such a fun day in Dublin, I can't wait for our next adventure. Also, a vlog of our trip to Ireland will be up soon, so stay tuned for that!

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