December 09, 2014

The fact that I can't even remember the last time I did a DIY is a very bad sign, so I thought it was about time to do one. Since Christmas is approaching and we are being bombarded with everything Christmassy (especially the songs on the radio) I thought it would be appropriate to make something Christmas related. That is when this little arrangement was born.

What you will need:

Scissors// Tray// Candle holder// Small Christmas baubles// Fake tea light// Fake Christmas branches

Start up with the fun part; cutting up the Christmas branches. I used two branches and cut all the leaves and berries off from the stem

Then take your tray and arrange the leaves and berries on top. Essentially you're just creating a little bed of leaves. 

Next take the candle holder and place it in the middle (or anywhere you want). Then you can take some Christmas baubles and arrange them on top of the leaves. I think that it looks nice without the baubles as well, but they do add a Christmassy vibe.

Finally, just pop the tea light into the candle holder and you're done! I think it's a fun little arrangement to have for Christmas and because it's all fake you can use it again next year (and the fake candle won't cause a big Christmassy fire). The best part though; it cost me about 6 euros to get all the supplies and you can use the candle holder and tray all year around. Not bad, right?

Have you made any Christmas decorations yet?


  1. Great DIY!