December 04, 2014

Coconut oil - De Tuinen

Since coconut oil has been trending for a while now, I thought I would finally jump on the band wagon and give it a whirl myself. It's a pricey product to try, but the fact that you can use it for a lot of different purposes justifies the price. I haven't used it for cooking yet, but I have used it on my hair and body.

The first thing I noticed when I opened up the product is that it's a very hard consistency. In order to use it you will have to heat it up a bit (or as I did, hold it above a candle). Once it's more liquidy, you can use it as a body moisturiser and a hair treatment. I have replaced my good ol' Nivea moisturiser with coconut oil, because I love the effect it has on my skin. It moisturises really well, smells great and I like that it is all natural. You never really know what is actually in a moisturiser, (or any product for that matter) so I'd rather use something which doesn't contain an endless list of ingredients that I have never heard of. 

When I used it the coconut oil as a hair treatment I immediately noticed a difference. I sectioned off my hair, applied a generous amount to the ends and left it in for about 3 hours. You could also leave it overnight, which I will do the next time. After I had washed it out it gave my hair a moisture boost and made it look shinier (which is never a bad thing with this cold weather). Definitely a treatment I'd like to do weekly!

Finally, the question remains: is coconut oil worth the hype and price? I certainly think so, because you get what you pay for. Besides, the jar I have will last me a long time and I will probably have to do my best to finish it. 
One more thing - something you need to be careful with when buying coconut oil is that there are countless of products out there which contain coconut oil, but aren't actually the real, all natural thing. The real deal usually comes in a big jar like mine, so just check the ingredients to be sure (which simply is pure coconut oil)!

Have you ever used coconut oil?

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