November 13, 2014

One of the most difficult tasks a person can ask me to do is keep a secret, so there is definitely something wrong with me when I decide to keep one myself. A few weeks ago I spontaneously decided to book a plane ticket to Ireland to surprise my best friend and mom. So last Tuesday I hopped on a plane and flew to Dublin! 
The first stop was Dublin to surprise my best friend and well, she didn't expect it at all! We went out in Dublin to celebrate my birthday and had a blast. 

The next day I took the bus up to see my mom. She was so surprised when I arrived! She didn't expect to see me until Christmas so it was great to see her and my dog (!) again. One of the best parts about going home though was sleeping in my own bed again, I almost forgot how comfortable it is. Unfortunately I could only spend the evening and morning with my mom, but we had a good catch up on the way to the airport. Now I'm waiting to board my flight back to the Netherlands.. it has been a fun trip and it was definitely worth all the travelling! 

Have you ever surprised anyone?

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