December 28, 2013

Christmas is barely over, but my mom and I decided to follow the crazy sales shoppers and went to the Next sale on boxing day. It wasn't as crazy as I thought it would be (think: no pulling hair, fighting or screaming), but the sales were pretty good. I got a few bits to put out for Christmas next year and some stuff to wrap presents. It's not much, but I thought I would show you anyway.

As you can see in the first photo, the first thing I bought is a pillow. Not just a pillow, a cosy, winter pillow. Since I'm going to college next year, I thought it would look really nice on any bed (single or double) with white sheets for the winter. I have another pillow cover that I can use for the summer, so I'm all set now!

Next I found some Christmas decorations that I will be using next year. The two scented baubles will be nice to hang up in my room (even when it's not Christmas) to make my room smell nice and fresh. It's nice to have these out when you can't light candles in your room as well, to get that fresh scent going. 
The little reindeer decoration was just calling my name in the shop, so I couldn't leave him there..

One thing I love are candles, so I can never have enough of these candle jars. This one is especially festive, so I think it will be nice to have on a tray with some other decorations. 

Last but not least I got a few bits for wrapping gifts. I thought the tissue paper looked really nice and the stickers that go with it say 'no peeking', which is perfect. The card is for a friend and I'll use the tape which says 'wrapped with love' to wrap presents next year. I think it's good to buy these things now, because I won't want to spend a lot more money on it next year. 

Did you shop the sales yet?

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  1. Courtney30.12.13

    that pillow is adorable! I love fair isle prints :)