December 24, 2013

One more day to go to Christmas and the clock is ticking, you might have some more last minute shopping to do, groceries to buy or recipes to find.. And I think I can help you out with the latter. I came up with a quick and easy to make dessert for Christmas inspired by my Christmas straws (which I'm way too excited about). I incorporated ingredients which you probably have in your fridge already, so it will be an easy one to make. 

Yoghurt// Jam// Whipped cream

Starting off with a glass of your choice and the Christmas straw in the glass. I found that it's easier not to ruin your creation of you put it in in advance.

Now the principle is simple, just put a layer of jam with a layer of yoghurt over it in the cup each time. It will (hopefully) create a stripy effect. 

As you can see it's quite hard to create straight layers, but I think it looks pretty cool. It also tastes really good, so that always a plus. 

Lastly, you can add a big dot of whipped cream on top to make it extra sugary and delicious. Who cares about extra calories around Christmas time?

What are you planning on making for Christmas dinner?

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