December 18, 2013

A while back I posted my every day make-up routine (post here) and since then I've changed a lot of the products. I'm really loving everything I'm using at the moment, so I wanted to share my new day make-up routine with you. But, to stay in the festive mood, I decided to make it into a day to night make-up routine. I know a lot of you are busy all day and probably have about half an hour (or less) to get ready for a Christmas party at night. So, maybe this will get you inspired to transform your look with some easy, quick steps! 

1. Lash & brow gel - Essence// 2. Mascara in very black - Covergirl lash blast// 3. Brush - MAC 182// 4. Liquid eye liner in black - Rimmel// 5. Baby lips in Cherry me - Maybelline// 6. Eyeshadow in Vanilla - MAC// 7. Eyelash curlers - MAC// 8. White eye liner - Etos// 9. Lip balm - EOS// 10. Brow powder in Ash blonde/ Taupe - Anastasia// 11. Waterproof eye liner in black - Rimmel// 12. Fit me pressed powder in 125- Maybelline// 13. Bronzer in Laguna - Nars// 14. Blush in Orgasm - Nars// 15. Brow brush - Anastasia// 16. Allround concealer palette - Catrice// 17. Dream matte mousse foundation in Sand - Maybelline

DAY - It seems like a very long list, but I promise you, it's not! It takes me about 10 minutes to apply my make-up (15 when I'm distracted by youtube videos, music or my dog..). As you can see in the first picture, it's a very natural look with no eyeshadow on the eyelids and some basic liquid liner on the top. I like to put some white eyeliner with white eyeshadow over top in the corner of my eye to brighten them up. I also don't put eyeliner on my waterline, just on the top to intesify the liquid liner a bit. The lip colour I have been wearing a lot lately is Baby lips (post here) which I think adds a nice warm colour to my lips. The rest of the look is very basic, but that's simply because I like to keep it natural.

1. Lipstick in Ruby Woo- MAC// 2. Highligher in Albatross- Nars// 3. Lip pencil in Red coral - Estée Lauder

NIGHT - For my night look, I like to add some more blush, bronzer (to contour), a highlighter, and red lips. If you read my blog, you will know that I have been loving red lips lately. It instantly transforms a look and makes it a lot more interesting. The lip liner is great for a night out, because with a bit of lipstick over it, I don't need to touch up my lipstick at all. If you plan on taking photos, the highlighter gives you a beautiful, natural sheen, especially in combination with the blush, which is great for photos at holiday parties (think: ugly Christmas jumpers, pretty face). So really you only need a few products to transform your look from day to night! 

What do you think of these make-up looks?

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