December 10, 2013

Christmas outfit ideas

To me, Christmas is one of the best holidays fashion wise. You can divide it up into three different main parts: Christmas eve and  morning (in PJ's), Christmas dinner (in a comfy Christmas jumper) and a night out (in a sparkly dress). So, keeping this in mind, I decided to put some outfits together to get you inspired!

Christmas outfits #1

Christmas PJ's are one of my favourite things to buy, they are so cute and comfy! So, for Christmas morning I like to wear something like this. A cute set of PJ's with some warm slippers. And of course, I can't leave out a cheesy Christmas mug and a comfy Christmas pillow.

Christmas outfits day #1

For the day time, I think you can't go wrong with a Christmas jumper. They can be hideous, but they are a must for me! To make the jumper look slightly more attractive, I like to pair it with some distressed jeans, ankle boots and a warm beanie. 

Christmas day outfit #2

For any of you who don't like Christmas jumpers, I created another outfit incorporated some other things that I associate with Christmas. Anything tartan brings out the Christmas spirit for me, so a tartan scarf can be a festive accessory. Combined with the red nail polish and fluffy coat you just can't go wrong!

Christmas night outfit #1

For a night out, I think it's only appropriate to bring out the sparkles. This sequin dress is gorgeous, but can be quite cold. So, with a fluffy faux fur coat over it and with some sassy red heels, it will be the perfect outfit for a night out.

Which outfit is your favourite?

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