December 11, 2013

25 random facts about me, here we go..

#1 I think I'm an alien.

#2 My name is French and I don't have a middle name.

#3 I have a sister, her name is Danique.

#4 I get home sick, a lot.

#5 My dream is to move out to LA even though I have never been there. Is that sad?

#6 My favourite activities are sleeping and drinking tea.

#7 I slept in a tent for about 6 weeks during the summer in my aunties garden in Holland.

#8 I don't eat sweets.

#9 I sing - not just in the shower but on an actual stage sometimes.

#10 Half of my instagram account consists of photos of my beloved coffee.

#11 is my lucky number.

#12 I used to win a lot of sports medals when I was younger and played about 8 different sports.

#13 I get freaked out by the number 13 - it will always be the unlucky number for me.

#14 I spent most of my pay checks from my summer job at Brandy Melville in Amsterdam.

#15 My favourite bands are the Arctic Monkeys, the Black Keys, Kings of Leon and the Kooks.

#16 I have a secret crush on Liam Hemsworth, not so secret anymore.

#17 I don't understand the Justin Bieber and 1D obsession, but I guess it's not everyones piece of cake.

#18 I like to cuddle with my teddy bear - his name is teddy.

#19 My biggest fears are needles and snakes.

#20 I don't like the colour pink.

#21 Amsterdam is my favourite city in Europe, Paris a close second.

#22 I sneaked out of my friends house to go out - twice. People like to call me a bit of a party animal.

#23 I have had a boyfriend for over a year, he's still not sick of me, surprisingly. (He also takes my outfit pictures, cheers for that!)

#24 My best friends name here is Karolina and oh, Bella too but she's my dog.

#25 I hate taking selfies (and I can't stand the word either, together with 'totes', 'amazeballs' and 'yolo' or any combination of those)

And there you have it!

What are some random facts about you? I would love to read them in the comments!


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