December 19, 2013

1 Christmas jumper 3 ways
Christmas jumpers are great, but they can be a bit expensive to buy and wear them for just one day/night a year. So, I decided to buy one this year and create different outfits around it to be able wear it more than once. This might be a problem if you wear it out and spill drink all over it, but that's besides the point. The Christmas jumper is from House of Fraser, but I bought an identical one on ebay (post here). Now onto the outfits..

Christmas jumper outfit 1

The first outfit is very casual, as it consists of the ultimate comfy jumper, boyfriend jeans and some Chuck Taylors. I think it would be a nice outfit to wear on Christmas day, or to a casual holiday party. With a bit of red nail polish and maybe some red lipstick, you will look exceptionally festive!

Christmas jumper outfit 2

The next outfit would not be as appropriate to wear on Christmas day (my grannie would have a fit if she sees me walking on these heels), so I would probably wear this on a night out. I have some Christmas parties coming up, so I will probably wear this outfit for one of them. I think it's nice to incorporate some of the current trends in this look, while keeping the jumper as the focal point of the outfit. 

Christmas jumper outfit 3

The last look would be appropriate for cold nights, when you want to dress up and look festive, but not freeze your butt off while doing so. I think it's nice to wear a faux fur vest over the jumper, it creates a more dressy, fancy look, while providing you warmth. The leather look leggings are one of my favourites to wear with Christmas jumpers, you can never go wrong with them! I'm also a big fan of red lips, especially during Christmas, so to me, they would finish up the look perfectly.  

Which look is your favourite?

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