November 12, 2013

The big one eight, oh yes, I'm finally legal! Because it was my birthday, I received many lovely gifts, but one of them stood out to me.. a vintage polaroid camera! I have wanted one of these for the longest time and the fact that it was my grandpa's makes it very special to me. 

Now the camera is great, but to take pictures you need some film. Which, unfortunately can be quite expensive and slightly impossible to find. There are some seller's on sites like Ebay, which I wouldn't really recommend when looking to buy some original polaroid film, because when they are too old and expired, you can't use them (keep in mind that polaroid stopped producing film in 2008..). But, a genius group of people from the Netherlands set up a website where you can buy new and improved film for these awesome, beloved polaroid cameras. It is a bit pricey (20 euro for a set of 8 exposures), but from what I've heard it's great quality. I have yet to place an order for myself, but I thought I would share this little tip with you!

What do you think of polaroid cameras?

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