November 05, 2013

We all experience those annoying moments when you finally get your coffee or any other hot drink at a coffee shop, pick it up and nearly burn your fingers.. Thanks for the warning that it's bloody hot! Those to-go cups are great, but burning your fingers because you are in a hurry is not so great. 
At places like Starbucks they do provide some cardboard hot drink sleeves, but when they don't have those, you still have that problem. So, instead of carrying a selection of sleeves around with you and throwing them out after one use, I thought I would show you a DIY on how to make your own personalized hot drink sleeve. 
What you will need:

Hot drink sleeves// Selection of felt// Thick wool// Glue gun or fabric glue// Chalk or a fabric marker// Small paper scissors// Needle// Printed stars// Fabric scissors

For the first design, take a hot drink sleeve and take it apart carefully. Lay it out on felt of your choice (I used one with a silver snowflake design) and mark around it with chalk or a fabric marker. Then cut it out.

Then just glue it to the hot drink sleeve and put it back together.. that's it!

For the second design, you will need to cut out some stars (I used one I had left from my wonder woman costume, so you can just cut out a star and draw around it, rather than cutting out a stencil). I decided to use white felt for the stars, so I drew 5 stars on it and cut them out. 

Pick any other colour felt you want and repeat the first step from the first design. Lay out the stars on the top of the felt and glue them on.

Then just put the sleeve back together like I did for the first design and you're done!

 For the last design you will need the thick wool and a needle. First, take some felt of your choice and repeat the first step from the first design. Then start sewing any word you want onto it using a basic straight stitch (I went over it twice to fill in the spaces). As you can probably tell, I stitched the word 'HOT!', because I thought it would appropriate. But, you can also sew your name or something, just have fun with it!

Lastly, glue the felt onto the sleeve and put it back together. That's it for this design!

It's a very easy DIY, but I think it would make a nice addition to a Christmas gift or even to just give to your friends who love hot drinks to-go. Or just keep them for yourself to spice up your daily dose of coffee!

Which design is your favourite?

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