October 29, 2013

Since Halloween is quickly approaching, I thought I would do a Halloween style recipe. It's very quick and easy recipe for decorating cupcakes, so perfect for last minute Halloween goodness.

What you will need: 
125 g icing sugar// pre-made cupcakes (I can post a recipe if you want)// grated chocolate (I used Milka)// Halloween lollipops// 3-4 tbsps of warm water

 Put the icing sugar in a bowl and add the water, one tbsp at a time. Make sure you mix the water in well before you add another spoon. Mix until you are left with a thick consistency like in the photo above.
 Next, pour the icing over the cupcakes, using two table spoons and spread it out over the top.
 Then quickly add the grated chocolate over top before the frosting dries up.
For the finishing touch, add a Halloween style pumpkin lollipop and there you have it! Some delicious Halloween cupcakes.

What is your favourite Halloween treat?

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