October 23, 2013

Halloween inspiration: the devil

Halloween is quickly approaching and if your like me, you probably can't decide what you want to 'be' for halloween this year. To make last minute decisions a little bit easier, I thought I would show you an 'easy to create' costume idea.

This costume is very easy to re-create, all you need is a black bodycon dress, red heels, some tights if it's cold and of course, the classic devil set: the ears, tale and pitchfork (which you can probably get at a euro/pound or costume shop). You can also do a lot with your make-up; an intense smokey eye for that mysterious look and a bright red lip to match the red and black colour scheme. That's it! A super simple costume, but I think it's a good back-up to have just in case.

What are you dressing up as for Halloween this year?

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