September 14, 2013

The past few weeks have been crazy for me with everything that's been going on and to be honest, I hardly have time to sit down and relax (never mind blogging as much as I always do). So, today I´m really sad to tell you that I´m going to have to cut down on blogging a bit, which means I won´t have a post up every day like I usually do. It will hopefully be every other day, but I will have to see how it works out for me. I+m really sorry about this!

Now onto the second (more fun) part of this post which is an OOTD. Today I went up to Dublin to see my dad (he had an accident and is in hospital), so I wanted to be comfy, but still look nice for my dad. 
It was quite sunny out, so I decided to wear a gilet. The ankle booties I'm wearing have been hidden in my closet for way too long, so I thought I would take them out today. 
Overall the outfit was very comfy, which was great because it's a hell of a drive up to Dublin! But, I don't mind at all because it's definitely worth it.

Gilet - Primark
Shirt - H&M
Jeans - Bershka
Shoes - Aldo
Bracelets - Everywhere
Necklace - Urban Outfitters

What did you wear today?

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  1. mystylediary2.10.13

    I won't! I love blogging too much for that. :) Thanks for your lovely comment!