August 08, 2013

Tzatziki is one of my favourite dips to make. It's just super fresh and summery! I like to add it to naan bread with chicken and lettuce or rice and chicken. It's also not bad at all, so that's great if you want to watch the calories.


1 small cucumber// 2 small cloves of garlic// 1 tsp salt// 1/2 tbsp olive oil// 1 tub greek yoghurt// mint to garnish

First, wash the cucumber and cut off the ends. Then peel off the skin (I used a cheese slicer to do this).

Next, take a spoon and remove all the seeds from the cucumber.

Then take a grater and grate the cucumber on the second biggest side. Do this above a sieve, to drain out the water. Now add the salt and leave it in the sieve for about 15 minutes to drain off any liquid.

Meanwhile, peel and crush the garlic. You don't have to add in the two cloves, I actually think it tastes better with just one.

Put the Greek yoghurt in a bowl and add in the olive oil and the garlic. Then just mix it all together. 

Lastly, make sure all the liquid is out of the cucumber and then add it to the Greek yoghurt mixture. Mix it all together and that's it! If you want, you can garnish it with some mint leaves.

Have you ever tried tzatziki?


  1. Anne Stikvoort8.8.13

    yumm lovely! tzatziki is so delicious!

  2. mystylediary8.8.13