August 29, 2013

A signature scent is something very personal and takes time to be found. So when I ran out of my DKNY perfume (which is quite pricey), I decided to look for a new, less expensive scent. Since I had a lot of time on the ferry back to Ireland, I took over the duty free shop and smelled every scent possible. Finally, I found something that I really liked: Jil Sander Sun, Eau de Toilette spray. It's a nice and fresh scent which can be quite overwhelming and strong when you first spray it on, but it fades away into a lovely fresh scent which lasts all day. My mom used to wear this as well, so it reminds me of her (she now sports the classic Chanel No 5 perfume). 
Another great thing about this Eau de Toilette spray is that you can wear it out in the sun and it won't leave any marks. Now I know it sounds like a very summery scent, but I think I will get away with wearing it for another while. After all, if I like it, why would I care what anyone else thinks?

What is your favourite scent?

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