August 10, 2013

Brown wayfarer style, Primark// Black wayfarer style, Primark// Gold + brown aviator's, Ray Ban

Sunglasses, a definite must during this time a year. I'm not really into the big 'diva' type of sunnies, just because I feel like they cover up my entire face. But, I do have 3 pairs that I wear all the time. It's pretty obvious that I love Ray Ban, I just really like their classic sunglasses and the quality of them. As you can see, I wear two pairs of Ray Ban look-a-likes, but I'm hoping to replace them with some real ones. A girl can dream, right?

What are your favourite sunglasses?

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  1. Likkie12.8.13

    I literally collect sunglasses. I love them. In all colors, shapes, brands. Haha, I love Ray Bans too! But I can't really afford too many of them...but I think I might have wayyyy too many of the wayfarer knock offs lying around too. xD I'm really liking vintage 70's and 60's circle sunglasses ATM, especially oversize. Dunno maybe getting burned out of wayfarers? IDK.

    from likkie,