August 13, 2013

A broken headband, what to do with it? A normal person would just throw it in the bin and leave it alone, but no, I have to be a bit of a weirdo and recycle it in a different way. This is basically me in a nutshell. I always find the randomest things and use them for different projects. This time, a bracelet made out of a broken headband. I wonder what's next..

What you will need:

Headband// 2 Jump rings// 1 clasp// 2 bracelet ends// pliers

First, measure the bracelet by wrapping the headband around your wrist twice and cutting off any excess. Then take your pliers and a bracelet ends and secure both ends. I used silver ones because that's all I had, but of course you can match everything to your headband colour.

Then take your clasp and one jump ring and apply them to one end. 

Take the other jump ring and apply it to the other end. You can use a bigger one if you'd like, but a small jump ring worked just fine for me.

And that's it! 

The bracelet is actually nice and stretcy so perfect for layering. It will be a nice addition to my already way too big bracelet collection (you can never have enough bracelets, right?).

What do you think of this DIY?

1 comment:

  1. Caroline St. Francis14.8.13

    Such a smart idea! You could also braid ribbon and do the same thing!

    ~ Caroline