August 28, 2013

Today, I'm starting the first day of my final year in secondary school and to be honest, I couldn't be more excited (to ditch my uniform and finally leave this place in a year, that is)! But, I have a long year of studying ahead of me, so I thought I would show you some of the school supplies that I got to keep me going throughout the year..

1. A folder (I love the style of this!) to store all my loose papers and notes// 2. My favourite type of refill pad (they only sell these once a year and they are the Chanel amongst refill pads; awesome!)// 3. Some copies for math and other classes where I'm not allowed to use a refill pad// 4. A notebook to plan my homework and study timetable (unfortunately I will have to study every day).

5. A memory stick, a necessity at my school// 6. Some arrow post it notes to point out important bits (and just because they are cute) // 7. My favourite BIC pens// 8. Highlighters make studying a hell of a lot easier, so of course I need a big pack containing every colour possible// 9. Tipp-Ex, if your teacher or school doesn't allow this, shame on them, because it's simply the best (not just for erasing mistakes, that is).

And that's it! Most of these things are from a Dutch shop called Hema, except for the refill pads which are from Tesco, the pens and highlighters are from a supermarket in France and the memory stick if from a local shop.

Where did you get your school supplies? What do you like to use for school?

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