July 13, 2013

You wake up in the morning the day of that awesome festival your going to, but when you look outside the weather conditions might not be that great. That sucks, but it can't waist your plans! You have to work with what you've got, right? So, to give you some inspiration, I put together three different looks to beat three different types of weather.

Festival look 3

Cloudy - When it gets a bit chilly, throw on the denim shirt and when the sun decides to peak through the clouds, just tie it around your waist and party on!

Festival look 2

Sunny - What we all want, right? The crop top covers up your shoulders to avoid a sun burn, pack your bag with plenty of water and sun block, put on your shades and your all good to go.  

Festival looks 1

Chilly - We all know by now that I don't live in the warmest country, so this would be my pick. The sweater provides enough warmth and you can still rock those high waisted shorts without getting too cold.

And then there's always rain, but all we can really do about that is throw on one of those quircky yellow rain ponchos and have fun anyway. After all, it's all about the vibe!

What's your favourite festival look?

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  1. Love all the outits you created :)