July 06, 2013

Today I have another DIY for you! This DIY was actually inspired by the inspiration rings that I got at Alice of Oz. I think it's really nice to have something that inspires you, so I thought I would give it my own little twist. I chose to use stones, because you can use these as a napkin or paper weight this summer. Or of course, you can just put them in your garden!

What you will need:

Any colour of acrylic paint// white or black acrylic paint// selection of stones// paint brush// cotton buds// a magazine or newspaper

The first step is to paint all the stones with the acrylic paint colour of your choice. I used a blue colour, mixed with white to create a light blue shade. You can do two coats if you want, but one coat was enough for me.

When the paint is dry (should dry fairly quickly) it's time to paint on the words of wisdom. You can either use a cotton bud, the back of your paint brush or a small detail paint brush (if you have one) to do this. Just pick any word and font you like and paint it on. I chose to write: happy, faith, love and free. 

Now just let them dry and your done! As you can see, I tried to do a bit of an ombre effect ont he love stone. You can also do polka dots, stripes, chevrons.. any pattern you like! Just have fun with it. :)

What do you think of this DIY?

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