July 30, 2013

As a big tea fan, it's a given that I got very excited to make my own tea bags. My mom got a packet of loose tea for her birthday and she didn't know how to use it so gave it to me (she knows how to make me smile). So, I decided to do some research and make my own tea bags!

What you will need:

Loose tea// Stapler// Spoon// Coloured paper// Coffee filters// Thread// Glue gun// Fabric scissors// Scissors// Sewing machine

First, take your scissors and a coffee filter. Cut out a rectangular shape and set it aside. Keep the two sides together, because this will be the base of your tea bag. Then just cut out as many as you want. 

Then go over to your sewing machine and sew 3 sides of the tea bag together. Keep the top open because this is where you will put in the tea. 

Then take your tea and add about 1 teaspoon of tea into each bag.

Then take your coloured paper and cut out any shape you want. This is for the little string attached to the tea bag. You can write the flavour of the tea on it if you want.

Then cut off your strings. I didn't use any precise measurements, just kind of eyeball how long you want the string to be.

Now apply a little bit of glue to your heart (or whatever shape you did) and attach it to the string.

Take your tea bag and fold over the top two corners. Then place the string in the middle, leaving enough string at both sides to be able to tie a knot. Apply a staple and tie a double knot to secure the string.

And that's it! 

Do you like tea? Have you ever made your own tea bags?

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  1. Teen Diary30.7.13

    I'm a tea addict and this is so amazing! LOVE the post xx

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award btw :)