July 04, 2013

1 Maxi skirt 3 ways
Whenever I'm debating whether or not to buy something, I seek to polyvore for help. It's the perfect place to style the item and see if you can combine it with things from your own closet. 
I have been thinking of buying a maxi skirt for a while now, but I just wasn't sure how to style it and if it would be too much for where I live (which I shouldn't really care about but unfortunately I do). So, I created three looks for 3 different occasions with pieces that I already have in my closet or are easy to find. I can tell you now, I really do want a maxi skirt
Maxi skirt look 1

This first outfit is for a casual day out with friends. It's perfect for shopping combined with a nice black bag and also easy to change out of if you want to try anything on. I love layering pieces for spring and summer, so when it's warm you can just take off the denim shirt and tie it around your waist.
Maxi skirt look 2

This next outfit is perfect if your going to have to do some walking. The backpack is a lot better to carry than a normal shoulder bag and you can keep everything you need in it. It's also really pretty so that's always a plus! I think it adds a lot to the outfit and combined with the rings and crop top it's definitely on trend.
Maxi skirt look 3

This last outfit is great to wear on a summer night out. The  bralette adds some sexappeal to the outfit with the cut outs and the jacket provides some warmth on a chilly night. Of course, when you want to dance just take the jacket off and show off your bralette! The wedges are also a very comfy shoe to wear and combined with the red nail polish on your toes it will be a party proof look. 

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