July 17, 2013

1 Denim shirt 3 ways
If you follow my blog then you will definitely know that I love denim shirts. And as the obsession keeps growing, I decided to create a lookbook featuring one of my favourite denim shirts from H&M. The denim shirts at H&M (the L.O.G.G. brand is my favourite) fit very well and are great to pair over practically anything. Some denim shirts can have a very stiff fabric, which in my opinion doesn't look too nice if you want to wear them unbuttoned. 
As always, I created 3 outfits centered around the denim shirt for 3 different occasions. I hope you like them and let me know in the comments below how you like to wear denim shirts!

Denim shirt 1

This first outfit would be great to wear on a casual summer day when your going to the beach or just out in the town. The print on the dress is very fun and bright which I really like. It has a lot of beautiful colours in it, so you could even paint your nails to match the dress. And if you get too warm, you can just tie the shirt around your waist!

Denim shirt 2

This next outfit is the opposite of the first one. The base is very simple, but still summery and light. The denim shirt over top provides a nice contrast and breaks up the plain colours in the outfit. To finish it all off I decided to pair it with a pair of midi heels, which are a big trend as you all probably know. And of course, an outfit wouldn't be complete if I don't put my stamp on it with a nice, pop of colour in the form of a beautiful nail polish.

Denim shirt 3

This last outfit is a bit more dressy. I would wear this on a night out or even during the day if I want to dress up more for an event or something. The trousers are very bright and out there, so the denim shirt balances out the look nicely. The heeled sandals give the illusion of VERY long legs in this look and of course, they are great for summer! When I'm going out, I like to wear a few statement pieces of jewelry, so I thought that the chain necklace would finish up the look nicely. 

Which outfit is your favourite?

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