June 23, 2013

Satchels, who doesn't love them? They always have these great compartments where you can put all your belongings in and of course, all the junk every girl (or boy for that matter) carries around. Of course, then there is the problem of where to buy your great, durable satchel which is the good size, colour and material for you. Now this is where O'Bazzië Classics comes into the mix.

It's a start up company based in Georgetown DC which is currently in the process of bringing a collection of great, durable, leather classic satchels on the market.  The company was founded by Ebenezer Obasiolu who turned his love for sketching satchels and briefcases on the corner of a piece of paper in his engineering classes into reality.

As we all know, a great, timeless bag can be an investment, but definitely worth it in the end (this is always my excuse when I buy more expensive bags). So, definitely keep an eye out for this upcoming company, they have a great vision and I am looking forward to their launch in the Spring of 2014 (bonus: they will be shipping wordwide!).

If you want to follow them for updates, check out their links:

Instagram (@obazzieclassics)
Website - (coming soon) 

What do you think of these satchels?


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